Gift Guide 2018: Better Balsamic

December 18, 2018

Unless your friend is extremely beloved, you’re probably not going to get her the very best balsamic vinegar for Christmas.  The great stuff, the kind that’s been aged for many many years, slowly evaporating as it moves to ever tinier barrels, costs the earth.

But there’s another option.

This dark cherry balsamic, created by Massimo Bottura, is a truly wonderful concoction that combines two of Modena’s proudest products: Vignola cherries and balsamic vinegar. The cherry flavor is definitely there, lurking behind the grapes.  It adds a natural sweetness to the tart vinegar that is never cloying.  It makes a great glaze for many birds, and it’s positively in love with pork. Fresh strawberries are enchanted by this vinegar.  And over ice cream?  Perfect.

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