Gift Guide 2018: Drink it Up

December 15, 2018

The new Aviary Cocktail Book may be the most beautiful book I’ve ever seen.  The book is huge and weighs more than 8 pounds, but once you start leafing through it, you’re hooked.  Grant Achatz and his team doe nothing by half measure, and everything about the book is compelling. The writing is concise, the recipes meticulous and the photography gorgeous; anyone who cares about cocktails would be thrilled to receive a copy.

And while you’re at it….

you might want to include this beautiful Porthole Infuser, which was originally designed for The Aviary.

Does anybody need this?  Probably not.  On the other hand that probably means that your friends don’t already have one.  And it’s certainly the most beautiful way to make a do-it-yourself project into something lovely.  Make flavored vodkas, flavored oils, lemonade…. Or simply fill it up, set it on the counter and let your friends admire it. 

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