Gift Guide 2018: Induction

December 3, 2018

Why don’t I have one of these?  I can’t explain it.  Years ago, when I was at Gourmet, I asked Jeffrey Steingarten to write an article on conduction cooking.  He, of course, did one of his typically obsessive inquiries and wrote a piece so persuasive every single editor at the magazine vowed to buy one.  We all thought that a single portable burner would be perfect: it doesn’t take up much space, it gives you an extra burner – and it heats water with remarkable speed.  Everyone who makes coffee or boils pasta, we reasoned, should have one.

So why don’t I?  I can’t explain it. But if my family is reading this and looking for a present for me, could I please have one?  I think it’s about time. 

I’ve done my research, and this Duxtop 8100 MC-Portable-Induction-Countertop version seems to be the universal choice for both price and efficiency.  It’s apparently small, light, easy to clean. And according to every website I’ve read, it heats water at lightning speed.  It only costs $55.  Please?


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