Gift Guide 2018: Is This the Future?

December 10, 2018

In their review The Daily Meal called this an “easy bake oven for adults.” C-Net liked it a lot. So did Wired. I certainly don’t want one of these space-age ovens, and most people I know wouldn’t want to spend more than a thousand dollars for an appliance that takes up too much space on your kitchen counter. 

But if you have a loved one who insists on being the first to own the latest technology, then he (and it probably is a man) will definitely want the Brava pure light technology oven.  

Apparently the oven can go from 0°F to 500°F in less than a second while cooking different foods to apparent perfection at the same time on a single tray.  

It’s probably an early clue to a new direction. It cooks food faster.  It heats the food, not the air around it.  And it’s certainly a way to be the hippest cook on the block.

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