Gift Guide 2019: A Good Apron for a Good Cause

December 17, 2019

When I first met Susan Feniger she and Mary Sue Milliken were cooking most of the food they served in their tiny City Cafe on a little grill in the alley behind the restaurant. Their only other source of heat was a hot plate. Wolfgang Puck took me there: “They’re the coolest people,” he said, “and they’re making fantastic food.”

They’re still among the coolest people I know.

The pioneering women chefs have gone on to open lots of other – much larger – restaurants; their latest, Socalo, just opened in Santa Monica. But while they’ve been busy with restaurants and television shows they’ve also raised a lot of money for their favorite causes.

Mary Sue is passionate about No Kid Hungry while Susan’s latest project is this fantastic apron. All proceeds go to the LA LGBT center.

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  • Greg says:

    Always good to know there are people who care, who contribute to worthy causes. (As they say in Australia) Good on you Susan and Mary Sue, and Ruth for publicizing this.