Gift Guide 2019: How Much Do You Love Me?

December 20, 2019

I don’t have one of these – but I really want one. I know lots of people who have them – and none of them can stop talking about the amazing Roccbox.

A few years ago I got a steel for my oven – and I love it. But it has serious drawbacks. It takes an hour to get hot enough, and then it’s basically only good for a single pizza, or maybe two, before you have to heat the thing up again.

But the Roccbox? It gets up to temperature – an amazing 950 degrees- in a matter of minutes. And it stays hot, so you can turn out a whole party of pizzas. Best of all, you can heat it with wood.

I’ve always wanted a woodburning oven. And now, apparently, it’s almost in reach. This may even be the present I buy myself this year.

My nephew sent me this picture. He’s extremely proud of the leoparding on his pizza….

So what do they cost? About $700. You can buy them in many places, including of course Amazon. But why not go right to the source?

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