Gift Guide 2020: Sauce from the Sea

December 13, 2020

Anybody who tries to cook Chinese food at home knows the magic of oyster sauce. A small spoonful adds richness, umami and depth to just about any stir-fry dish.

The problem is that most of the commercially available oyster sauces have never seen anything resembling an oyster. Look at the label; you’re buying sweeteners and thickeners.

But the minute you taste Megachef Oyster Sauce, you know you’ve got the real thing. I buy mine from Mala Market, and if you send this to a friend with a wok they’ll thank you every time they reach for the bottle. Which I promise, will be extremely often.

The sauce is made in Thailand , where fresh oysters are smoked over hardwood before being cooked with sugar salt and cornstarch. The result is this suave, savory sauce.

Buy it today and it will still arrive in time for Christmas. But the truth is, whenever it arrives, this oyster sauce will be extremely welcome.


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