The Shrimp Noodles with XO Sauce Everyone is Asking For

December 14, 2020

This is a recipe I threw together with the two great new condiments I just got. This incredible oyster sauce:

and this superb XO Sauce

Basically I just scrounged around in my pantry to see what I had that might make a delicious dish.

I began with about half a pound of frozen shrimp. I defrosted them under cold running water, peeled them, dried them off and sprinkled them with salt and pepper.

I found a few carrots and some cabbage, so I shredded them. I cut 5 scallions, slicing the white parts and cutting the green into 2 inch sticks. I smashed a clove of garlic.

I cooked a handful of Chinese egg noodles (you could use any kind of noodle, from spaghetti to rice noodles) in boiling water until they were not quite cooked. I drained them, tossed them with peanut oil and set them aside.

I mixed a tablespoon or so of the oyster sauce with soy sauce and a couple tablespoons of the XO sauce.

I add some oil to a wok, quickly cooked the shrimp until just pink and removed them. I added a bit more oil, added the carrot, cabbage and garlic and stir-fried for a minute. I added the noodles, and tossed about for a few more minutes before adding the shrimp and scallion greens, along with the XO sauce mixture. I tossed that about a bit and ate it with great pleasure.

The leftovers were even better the next day (with some more XO sauce spooned on top).

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