Do You Glove-Bone?

August 20, 2016

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In the Gourmet test kitchens there was always a lot of talk about “glove-boning,” a method of removing the bones from a chicken without breaking the skin.  Let me hasten to admit I’ve never tried it.  But I’m extremely impressed by those who have mastered the technique.

Should you care to try your hand, here, from the October 1980 issue of Gourmet, are pretty clear instructions.  Along with a recipe for using your now boneless bird.

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The recipe on the cover?  It’s a Salade Exotique from Brooklyn’s River Cafe, a mixture of melons, snow peas, strawberries and ham in a strawberry vinaigrette.




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  • Mark. says:

    Strangely creepy but I guess that mastering the technique could come in handy for, say, turducken…

  • Stefanie says:

    Yup! Not difficult at all. Cornish hens especially good for this technique – and then fill them with yummy stuffing.

  • MaggieToo says:

    In my more ambitious years I used to do this technique for a Julia Child dish that she wittily called “Poulet Charente a la Melonaise”, a round ball of chicken mousse and pistachios roasted in the chicken skin, that came out looking rather like a melon. It’s from one of her “Julia & Company” books and is tres impressive but hugely labor-intensive.

    Pepin is the master at this, and can do a chicken in something like two minutes. I’m sure there must be video floating around of him demonstrating this.